Pixel Painter, or Battle of Painters, is an online game where painters from all over the world compete to demonstrate their drawing skills.

So, you have joined the game. The round begins. A theme for drawing is determined, and to portray a masterpiece, you will have a maximum of five minutes. A variety of tools are used for this purpose: a simple pencil, an eraser, a colorful spray, brushes. You will not have to draw the shapes yourself — there is a circle, a line, a rectangle, and a square. There is also a function to undo a previous action and a “bomb” to delete the entire drawing instantly. A fascinating and easy process awaits you.

There are some more people in your team, each one drawing on a given topic. After five minutes, there is a vote for the best work, and the one received the greatest number of likes wins the competition.

The game’s advantages:

  • two game modes: Battle of Artists and Draw & Guess
  • online gallery with the best works
  • the system of adding to friends
  • creating one’s own character