Uncover the captivating romance with Panam Palmer in Cyberpunk 2077! This complete guide will walk you through the steps to trigger a romantic outcome with Panam, one of the available romance options in the game. You won’t meet her later, but your paths will intersect in the Ghost Town mission in the second act. Follow a chronological timeline with various side jobs and choices to win Panam’s heart and leave the badlands in awe of your love story.

It’s worth noting that Panam Palmer can only be romanced if you play as a male character. She will politely decline if you attempt to flirt with her as a female character. This is in stark contrast to romancing Judy Alvarez or River Ward. Completing these romances will also earn you specific achievements linked to their respective storylines. So, let’s dive into the details!

Ghost Town

Your first encounter with Panam Palmer occurs during the Ghost Town mission. To trigger this mission, head to The Afterlife and converse with Rogue. However, remember that you’ll need to give Rogue 15,000 Eurodollars to find Hellman’s location. If you’re worried about finances early in the game, don’t fret; making money in Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t easier if you know the right strategies.

During the mission, you’ll journey together to retrieve Panam’s car, followed by two more quests. Rest assured, there are no wrong choices that will jeopardize the romance later in the story. However, don’t hesitate to seize the opportunity if you come across flirty dialogue options. Panam suggests resting at a motel after recovering the car and making plans to capture Hellman.

Dialogue option
Dialogue option

When she proposes renting separate rooms, choose the dialogue option: “Maybe we get just one room?” This suggestion piques her interest, and she mentions that each room has twin beds. Your response should be: “Not quite what I had in mind!” Brace yourself, though, as Panam isn’t easily swayed and will politely reject your advances, opting to fall asleep.

Lightning Breaks

In the Lightning Breaks mission, you’ll collaborate with Panam Palmer to locate and interrogate Anders Hellman. You have the option to inform Panam why you need to speak with Hellman, but your choice won’t affect the romance. Transparency is entirely up to you. As you search the camp for Hellman and assess the damage, ensuring Panam’s safety becomes a priority.

Kindly advise her to stay in the car due to her injuries: “Stay in the car. You’re hurt and won’t be of much help out there.” Once you rescue Mitch, sit beside Panam and ask if she will accompany you to confront Hellman. Choose the dialogue option: “I gotta get Hellman. Will you help?” When Panam agrees and urges you to take action, respond with: “I’ll help you settle the score with Kang Tao.”

During the encounter with Hellman, when Saul arrives at the end of the mission, defend Panam by choosing: “It wasn’t really Panam’s fault.” Showing your support for her in this situation will elicit a grateful response and pave the way for a deeper connection. Embrace the enthralling journey of love and adventure with Panam Palmer in Cyberpunk 2077. Let the romance unfold and leave a lasting impression on the game’s immersive storyline.

Soul rescue
Soul rescue

Riders on the Storm

After completing the Lightning Breaks quest, you’ll have to wait for 12 in-game hours to receive a call from Panam Palmer. She will request your help rescuing Saul, who a rival nomadic gang has captured. Naturally, you won’t hesitate to agree.

To rescue Saul, you’ll need to infiltrate the camp and either eliminate everyone inside or sneak in and out without being noticed. However, given that the camp is heavily guarded and the mobsters are trigger-happy, it’s more likely that you’ll have to resort to violence. This will disappoint Panam, who had hoped for a stealthy operation. The mission might remind you of the Kobayashi Maru, a no-win scenario: you’ll inevitably resort to force regardless of your actions.

After successfully escaping the camp with Saul in the back of your van amidst a fierce sandstorm, you’ll find a house where you can take refuge until the storm subsides.

Inside the house, a conversation between Saul and Panam ensues. Regardless of the reasonable points Saul may raise, it’s best to side with Panam. You can suggest she take off her shoes and relax, and when she rests her legs on your lap, opt to touch her thigh (look for the hand symbol next to the option).

Alternatively, you can choose the “You choose” option. Either way, Panam will rebuff your advances, which may leave you feeling friendzoned. Don’t despair, though, as there might still be hope for romance!

Flirting with Panam
Flirting with Panam

It’s worth noting that while romancing Panam can be appealing, it’s easy to fail the “Riders on the Storm” quest. To avoid this, adhere to the required standards and frequently save your progress using the quicksave (F5) or manual save options. This ensures you don’t miss out on the remaining Panam side quests.

At the start of the “Riders on the Storm” quest, when you need to head to the Raffen Shiv Camp, you can go alone or ride with Panam. You must choose to ride with her and do so within 24 in-game hours. If you fail to do this, you’ll fail the side quest, and you won’t be able to progress in Panam’s storyline or unlock her remaining side quests.

If you opt to ride with Panam, be sure to head directly to the camp without any detours. Unnecessary stops will result in Panam taking over the driving and kicking you out of the car. However, you can still rendezvous with her at the camp even if this happens. Remember that the clock is ticking, and you only have 24 in-game hours to reach the camp.

With a Little Help from My Friends

Upon completing the “Riders on the Storm” mission, expect to receive a call from Panam approximately 12 in-game hours later. Panam is having issues with Saul again, which should be no surprise. Neither Saul nor Panam can gain the upper hand in their disputes.

Nonetheless, go to Aldecaldo’s camp to meet up with Panam. Be present when the plan to take over the locomotive is being devised. When you arrive at the locomotive tower for the takeover, you’ll have a conversation with Panam.


During this dialogue, she confesses her romantic feelings for you but expresses hesitation about moving too fast due to fear of potential failure. She genuinely cares about you. Make sure to reciprocate her feelings and express your desire to win her heart. Multiple options will appear; choose the one that allows you to “Touch Panam’s hand” to reassure her. This is an important step in your relationship.

As you exit the tower, you’ll see a group of nomads gathered around a campfire, with one playing the guitar. Engage in conversation with them. Once Panam finishes her business in the tower, she will sit next to you. When she does, choose “Scooch closer” and put your arm around her after stating that you’re going to sleep. This option will have a hand icon next to it, making it easy to spot.

Queen of the Highway

Once you finish the “With a Little Help from My Friends” side job, Panam will give you one final quest. Return to town, complete a few side jobs or gigs, and wait for her call. Approximately 24 in-game hours later, Panam will reach out to inform you that the Basilisk you acquired during the side job is ready for a test drive.

Head back to the Aldecaldos’ camp and rendezvous with Panam. A special moment between you and Panam will unfold as you both step inside the Basilisk. Sparks will undoubtedly fly!

After a training session, you can synchronize your bodies, a necessary step for operating the Basilisk (or so they claim!). Choose “Let Panam Touch You” to initiate a passionate love scene between you and Panam. You’ll also have the chance to kiss her on the lips, so don’t hold back!

Dialogue with Panam
Dialogue with Panam

Amidst the excitement, a group of enemies will abruptly interrupt your joyful encounter. Retrieve the Basilisk and defeat the invaders. Once you’ve successfully dealt with the threat, follow Panam back to camp. You’ll talk with her about staying with the Aldecaldos and becoming a nomad there. Regardless of your response, your relic malfunction will take its toll, causing you to lose consciousness.

When you awaken, you’ll find yourself in the new Aldecaldos camp, with Panam at your side. Engage in a brief conversation with her, Saul, and Mitch. Afterward, Panam will offer her assistance with the relic or any other needs you may have. Choose to kiss Panam, and she assures you she will keep in touch. And thus concludes the Panam Palmer romance quest.

How to Achieve the “Panam Ending”

There’s an alternate ending where Panam accompanies you on your final quest. This ending can only be achieved if you’ve successfully built a romantic relationship with Panam by completing the “Queen of the Highway” quest.

In this ending, you’ll have the opportunity for Panam and the Aldecaldos to join you on the final mission. Once you’ve completed Mikoshi’s infiltration, you’ll be presented with the choice to fully embrace the Nomad lifestyle and permanently join the Aldecaldos, embarking on a new chapter of your life together.

Romantic relationship with Panam
Romantic relationship with Panam

Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow these instructions to ensure a successful romantic relationship with Panam Palmer in Cyberpunk 2077:

  1. Encounter Panam Palmer for the first time during the Ghost Town mission. Before reaching Ghost Town, impress Panam by asking, “OK, so where’s the hideout?”
  2. In the Lightning Breaks mission, collaborate with Panam Palmer to locate and interrogate Anders Hellman. Choose the following dialogue options to advance the Panam romance: “Stay in the car. You’re injured and won’t be much help outside.”; “I need to find Hellman, will you assist me?”; “I’ll help you settle the score with Kang Tao.”; “It wasn’t Panam’s fault, really.”
  3. After completing Lightning Breaks, wait for 12 in-game hours to receive a call from Panam Palmer. The task is titled “Riders on the Storm.” During conversations, consistently support Panam. Note that Panam will reject advances if you attempt to sleep with her. However, don’t keep hope; if you’ve followed the previous steps, she is interested in you. Remember, you must meet up with Panam within 24 in-game hours to progress with the remaining side jobs.
  4. Following Riders on the Storm, expect a call from Panam approximately 12 in-game hours later to initiate the mission “With a Little Help From My Friends.” Panam confesses her romantic feelings for you but prefers to take things slow due to fear of failure. Show understanding and agree with her. At the campfire, choose “Scooch closer.”
  5. In “Queen of the Highway,” you’ll test the Basilisk, where the chemistry between you and Panam intensifies. Opt for “Let Panam Touch You” to trigger the romantic scene.
  6. After the mission, Panam will stay in touch, and during the credits, she’ll leave you a message indicating that the two of you are still together.

To romance Panam in Cyberpunk 2077, you must play as male V. It’s important to note that Panam’s story arc significantly impacts one of the possible game endings. This ending is accessible even if you didn’t pursue a romantic relationship with Panam, although it may have slight variations.