One of the most thrilling aspects of Tears of the Kingdom is the introduction of various Zonai Devices that Link can utilize while exploring Hyrule, The Depths, and the Sky Islands. These devices offer new possibilities and enable you to access unexplored areas within the vast game world.

However, a limitation of the Zonai Devices is their dependence on Zonai Batteries to function. To maximize their potential, you’ll need to collect many Crystallized Charges. The Zonai Battery can be upgraded up to 45 times, requiring significant Crystallized Charges.

To acquire additional Zonai Batteries, you must first obtain Crystallized Charges. These valuable items can be taken to Crystal Refineries, where they can be transformed into Zonai Battery Wells. Each Zonai Battery is made up of three wells, and there are a total of eight Batteries available.

Additionally, each Battery can be upgraded twice, costing 100 Crystallized Charges. Initially, you’ll start with one Battery, allowing you to upgrade it up to 45 times, requiring 4,500 Crystallized Charges.

With this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to enhance the power and longevity of your Zonai Batteries in Tears of the Kingdom.


Crystallized Charges can be found in various locations within The Depths. They are relatively easy to come by. You can acquire them by trading Zonaite, defeating Yiga hideouts, defeating bosses in The Depths, and rechallenging the Temple bosses. Most of the Crystallized Charges are found within The Depths.

Yiga Clan
Yiga Clan

You may encounter the Yiga Clan and their hideouts in The Depths while exploring. These hideouts, usually located in or near abandoned mines, contain chests with Large Crystallized Charges, equivalent to 20 Crystallized Charges. Occasionally, you can also find chests on the Sky Islands, but they are less common than in The Depths.

If you want to trade Zonaite for Crystallized Charges, the large abandoned mines in The Depths offer this opportunity. There are several mines located in key areas such as Rito Village, Kara Kara Bazaar, Gerudo Town, Temple of Time Ruins, Lurelin Village, Hateno Village, Kakariko Village, Mount Lanayru, Tarrey Town, and Goron City.

Each mine provides 5 Large Crystallized Charges (100 Crystallized Charges) in exchange for 15 Large Zonaite or allows you to trade 3 Zonaite for a single Crystallized Charge. These shops restock every 24 hours so that you can revisit them frequently.

Defeating overworld bosses in The Depths, such as Frox, King Gleeok, and Lynels, can yield Crystallized Charges and increase Link’s Battery life. Keep an eye out for these bosses as you explore The Depths.

Additionally, you can refight the four Temple bosses in The Depths. These bosses have specific spawn points, and after defeating them for the first time, you will obtain a Huge Crystallized Charge worth 100 Crystallized Charges or 1 Battery Well. Although you can only obtain the chest once, the bosses will respawn after every Blood Moon.

Crystal refineries
Crystal refineries

Where to Find Crystal Refineries

Once you have gathered your Crystallized Charges, you must find a Crystal Refinery. Luckily, there are three Crystal Refineries dispersed throughout the game. The first one is on the Sky Islands, the second is in Hyrule, and the third is in The Depths:

  1. The Great Sky Island. Positioned directly in front of the Nachoyah Shrine, this is the fourth and final Shrine required to access the Temple of Time on the Great Sky Island at the game’s outset.
  2. Lookout Landing. Situated just outside Josha’s office door, this door is next to the Bargainer Statue at Lookout Landing. It is easily identifiable as it rests on the colossal rock that fell from the Sky Islands.
  3. The Great Abandoned Central Mine. Located directly beneath the Temple of Time Ruins on the Great Plateau. This mine is among ten where you can trade Zonaite for Crystallized Charges.

Additional Methods to Extend Your Battery

While Crystallized Charges are the only permanent way to extend your Battery, other temporary methods exist to achieve this.

Zonaite Armor

The Zonaite Armor set is a challenging one to acquire. Each piece requires puzzle completion in the Sky Islands. However, wearing the full set will extend your Battery life. The difference may not be noticeable initially, but once you build up a considerable Battery, the effects become apparent. Upgrading the complete set to the second level will further boost its effectiveness.

Zonai Charges

Zonai Charges drop from various Zonai Constructs found throughout the game. They provide a small additional amount of Battery to your Zonai Battery. Using Large Zonai Charges will prevent an entire Battery from depleting for a specific duration. These charges can come in handy when you’re nearing your destination but are low on Battery. You can also obtain these items by defeating monsters like Flux Constructs.