while True: learn () is a puzzle game that focuses on very intricate and interesting matters: computer learning, neural networks, artificial intelligence, and big data. However, your main task will be to understand a cat.

You will have to try on the role of a programmer who suddenly finds out that his cat is much more computer-literate than he is but completely incapable of talking other than in a cat way. In such a situation, the programmer (that is, you) needs to master the computer as fully as possible and learn a lot of things that will help compile a program that would help him in translating from cat to human.

This app will be useful for you if you are…

  • a person who would like to know how computer-based learning and related areas of knowledge work;
  • an adult who is looking for a great way to arouse children’s interest in programming and technology;
  • a programmer who would like to improve your competence level;
  • a person who is eager not to “waste time” while playing, but to learn something new;
  • a game fan who loves not only to have fun but also to rack your brains;
  • a person who would like to improve your skills in solving problems and puzzles to experience a very peculiar sense of satisfaction;
  • a person who just loves cats in funny clothes.