Democracy 4 is an exciting strategy game in the form of a political simulator. The game is based on a unique neural network developed in such a way that it could easily simulate the opinions, beliefs, and thoughts of the masses. This is the fourth installment of this game. It is much more elaborate than all the previous ones but retains the original concept. The new features include the possibility to make reports in the media, the implementation of coalition governments, and a three-party system. The financial system has also undergone a significant transformation. Now the simulation takes into account such phenomena as inflation and corruption, universal basic income, and helicopter money. Besides, such topics of the current agenda as body cameras for police officers, transgender rights, and the like were touched upon.

This game provides one with the opportunity to feel like a real politician and participate in solving the problems of a country. This task is quite complicated, as it is insanely difficult to simultaneously monitor the state of the budget, try to stay in power, and try to improve the living conditions of citizens.