Hacknet is an application in the form of a hacker simulator with an interface resembling a Unix terminal. The user will have to solve the mystery of the death of a hacker known as Bit, as the version presented in the media does not sound very plausible, and the death of the young man does not seem to be a mere accident. To complete the game and find out the truth, you will have to follow the instructions of the very deceased hacker — he contacted you through the emergency system. Hacknet will allow the player to feel what it’s like to hack a firewall. The game immediately draws you into a virtual world that features no levels, peculiar to numerous other games.

Follow Bit’s instructions, collect hints, and complete tasks — only thus you will be able to successfully complete the game. Hacknet is not particularly complex, but it will not be possible to complete the game just like that — you will have to try hard. The game is insanely interesting and has a bright and colorful GUI. It will give you incredible impressions, so each player is guaranteed to have a good time. Hacknet will especially appeal to those who already understand all this hacking subject matter while being easily comprehensible also to those who have never had such an experience.