Universe Sandbox is an application that simulates outer space taking into account all the physical laws. In this simulator, the user can observe all the processes that occur in the universe in real time. The application features gravity, climatic conditions, and various interactions of space objects, thereby demonstrating how mesmerizingly beautiful and mysterious the world of space is and what place our planet occupies in this vast universe. Utilizing Newtonian mechanics, the simulator shows the interaction of space objects at different speeds. This is a real find for people interested in science.

In Universe Sandbox, users can watch incredible sights such as collisions of huge planets leaving hot craters. It is also worth noting that the application indulges creativity, as the user can control the outer space themselves, that is, create a star, a planet, or even a black hole, observe the life of our planet, change the seasons on it by altering its tilt or increasing the distance from the Sun.