Many people think that PC has a very complex and incomprehensible architecture. This is partly true, but PC Building Simulator will help everyone understand the structure of this interesting device. The application will show what the PC components look like and what they are intended for. It is also worth noting that the game even features a career mode, in which the player will take on the role of a manager of a computer repair shop, where they will have to show and prove their professionalism to the whole world. The requests will be very different, for example, just to fix a minor malfunction, upgrade a PC, or even build it from scratch. There is even a bookkeeping aspect, which the player will also have to control since money plays a major role in any business.

The game indulges creativity. The user can experiment with various original components by the best manufacturers and build a dream PC with various features, for example, advanced illumination, colorful wires, and diverse coolers. It will be enough just to test the PC for performance after the build and correct mistakes, if any.