It is both a game app and a catalog of different types of weapons. The game allows one to literally learn the components of a weapon from the inside and understand how it works. Thus, you can look at a pistol or submachine gun in a section and follow the shot in slow motion; however, the main goal is to disassemble and assemble a weapon — you can also do this at speed. The game recreates authentic models of modern weapons in detail along with the historical ones — from the small Liberator up to the Flak 88 anti-aircraft gun, which weighs more than one ton.

There are unique models that are difficult to see in museums, along with the famous guns of victory. World of Guns is an interesting game with nice graphics, which features weapons from two centuries of their history. This app can be used to train weapons experts of special services. Every single detail is here represented authentically and accurately, as in a real weapon. No application compares with WoG in a clear simulation of the operation and functioning of various weapon kinds.