Timeflow is a training simulator for consolidating the following skills:

  • investment basics
  • time management
  • financial literacy

Quite the relevant skills nowadays.

The in-game situations allow the player to:

  • engage in real estate business (invest in it);
  • pursue a career;
  • be a freelancer;
  • start their own business;
  • acquire additional skills;
  • build a right circle of acquaintances;
  • develop.

The ultimate goal is ensuring a safety cushion (savings and passive profit). Besides, the player will have to strike a balance between personal life and the needs of the family (yes, there is a family in the game!).

During the everyday quests, the user:

  • gets rid of addictions;
  • stops unreasonably spending money;
  • helps his relatives;
  • engages in charity work.

The gameplay is tied to the chronology. The hallmark of success is retirement. So learn to invest your time in the right kinds of activities. The time management and planning blocks help you do this. Thus you will learn to set life priorities.

To sum up, Timeflow is a really useful game for self-development. We recommend it!