To study such a tool as programming, you do not need to learn boring literature anymore. All you have to do is refer to an instrument such as the game. A game that teaches programming is a godsend for anyone. The level of complexity can be different, such as a beginner and even a skilled programmer or child.

There are some strengths in these games:

  1. Computer-based learning games can increase positive motivation at the beginning of learning for any person, regardless of their age and gender.
  2. They increase the knowledge required to put the information into practice.
  3. These programmes help to capture the information through high-level visual illustration.
  4. They help to expand the scope where educational tasks can be applied.
  5. With the help of such a game, you will surely be able to actively integrate your students into the educational process.
  6. Such programs and games help accelerate intellectual development and creative thinking.

In the future, such self-study programs and games have a great perspective that will help them to get into the educational process. The main thing is to make the most of them in the form of knowledge and skills to apply your skills in practice.

Games for programming learning

The Deadlock Empire

This application helps to improve programming skills with the development of such a tool as C#. Its essence is that the person must identify weaknesses in the multithreaded program. It is suitable even for an experienced specialist.


It improves Java and NET proficiency. The essence of this game is competition for complex and clean code making. The user must write the code and construct a tank based on it. The better the code is written, the stronger the tank will be, and this will be useful to the user in a future battle with other members of this event. The winner will be the user whose tank is better, which means that his written code is correct and truly complete.

Code Hero

This game is for a single person or a group of friends who improve your language skills such as JavaScript and UnityScript. Each user starts his or her way as a developer on the Unity engine, which itself programmes the current game by creating and editing levels, as well as adding his or her assets and learning UnityScript tools.

Code Monkey

The application is designed for those who want to learn the basics of programming. The essence is to collect bananas by a monkey, attracting it to action using commands. Levels become difficult gradually, there are hints. CoffeeScript and Python are being pumped. The user learns to work with complex algorithms.

Code Monkey

Games for computer learning


This application is recommended for primary school computer science. The child learns the code, driving through the mazes funny faces, and thus he makes a program of sequential actions. All the tips in this game are made up of graphics, there is no need to read anything. You can easily control the entire learning process and set the degree of difficulty yourself.

Here, you will see several courses of educational material for children and adults. Training takes place step by step with cartoon characters, so it is suitable for children starting from the age of four. Short programs are created from level to level.


This is a unique program that will show you several versions, such as the simple baby version and the more complex adult one. It is available for smartphone and tablet. In the process, your child should design the path of the robot using simple commands and making the simplest algorithm.


It is a platform for the study of computer science. Games and courses developed by teachers for training were fast and high-quality. Students start writing code from the first level. They can watch its changes and updates in real time. This helps to rapid learning of syntax and competent writing of code.