Do you want to know more about making money in GTA 5? It may be very exciting. Here is the list of the most beneficial methods. Read on, and you can find a lot of interesting recommendations.


To gain control over Los Santos, you must invest your funds wisely in the market, similar to the real world. The more valuable players have diversified portfolios. If you want to earn money fast, you can try day trading, but remember that short-term investments are riskier.

One way to make money is by using the Time Traveler method. You can do this by recording the stock prices with your phone or writing them down, saving your game, and waiting for 4 to 8 hours of game time to pass. Then check the stock prices again and note the companies that have increased in value. Finally, reload your saved game and invest your money in those companies before they increase in value. This can be an easy method to make a profit.



If you want to earn money in GTA, you should first avoid spending your hard-earned or stolen money unnecessarily. While you will need weapons to succeed, you do not need to purchase all the weapons available at Ammu-nation.

It’s better to choose one type of outfit and hairstyle for each character and keep them the same. While customizing characters can be enjoyable, having multiple unused outfits is not beneficial. If you’re looking for ways to buy more clothing for your characters, you may miss the point of this game.


During the story, Lester Crest asks Franklin to carry out assassinations for decent payment. The process is simple: accept the job, eliminate the target, and receive your earnings. Although explaining much is unnecessary, there is a method to increase your profits from moonlighting as a hitman. The death of each target significantly impacts the market, and if you buy and sell at the right times, your characters have the potential to become billionaires overnight.


He a lucrative part of the storyline where the payout depends on the execution. However, there are different opinions on choosing the team. Some suggest paying experienced criminals for a larger share of the purse. Others recommend less experienced ones as they take a smaller cut and improve with each heist.

Grand Theft Auto V

Stop Dying

In GTA 5, you have to pay for the cost of getting respawned after you die. This includes cloning your body, clothing it with new versions of your previous clothes, and transferring your memories from your dead body to the new one. Although it is cheaper than real-life, it still costs money. Therefore, try to avoid dying often to increase your money in the game.

Walk with Chop

Chop is a loyal, energetic, and helpful dog that belongs to Franklin. He can attack enemies and give notifications about his hunger in the iFruit app. Additionally, Chop has a talent for finding treasure and other collectibles. You can take Chop for a walk around town from Franklin’s backyard when you’re not on a mission.

Buy Property

Investing in properties can be highly profitable as they yield weekly income. However, most properties are expensive and may not be accessible early in the game. The cheapest available property, The Hen House, costs $80,000.

Investing in property may not provide a quick return on investment, but small businesses are a popular way to launder money. Take advantage of this opportunity. And if buying property makes you feel like a corporate stooge, remember the words of George Bernard Shaw: “Property is organized robbery.”

Helicopter in GTA 5

Force Market Shifts

The Los Santos stock market has certain loopholes that can be used to increase your portfolio. Like investing in companies affected by assassination missions, you can manipulate the market by carrying out other violent actions, much like in the real world.

If you want a particular car manufacturer’s stocks to go up, you can target the models of competing car manufacturers on the streets. This will make people notice, and they may start purchasing the targeted manufacturer’s vehicles, increasing their stock prices. Once the stock prices go up, you can sell your shares and switch your support. It’s surprising how simple this strategy can be.

Rob Armored Trucks

You can successfully steal money from one of Gruppe 6’s armored trucks. These trucks carry around $5,000 and can be targeted by removing the driver and blowing up the doors. It’s essential to note that this kind of stealing provokes a heavy law enforcement response, so it’s wise to be prepared. The best result is achieved when there are no witnesses to the robbery.


If you find the methods above overwhelming, there is an alternative method to make cash quickly, which involves cheating. We are unaware of new button sequences that give you $50,000, but you may succeed by using features like spawning cars, reducing wanted levels, gaining invincibility, or exploiting system bugs.